August 7, 2013

Tutorial: How to cut a Mango

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Mangoes are basically the most delicious fruit of all time.  I'm fairly certain this is a known fact all around the world.  I'm pretty sure that having a mango tree would be better than a cash money tree in my backyard.  Pretty sure...

I ate mangoes for years before I learned how to cut them properly.  I'm a little surprised that I didn't cut my hand off in the pursuit of mango tastiness.  Once you get that peel off those suckers are awfully slick.  So in order to not have any finger casualties I am going to teach you how to dice a mango.

Wash your Mango..nothing is worse than a dirty fruit.

In the middle of the Mango is a huge non removable pit, and that sucker is bit.  It is kind of oval shaped and fairly flat.  You Just slice, as close to the pit as you can, the two sides off.

Slice the Mango into the shape that you want.  I wanted diced so I made a cute checker pattern with my knife.  Be careful not to cut through the peel.

Now just flip the mango peel out so the dices are poking out like this. 

Just slice those pretty little Mango chunks off..easy as pie!

I mentioned that the pit is oval shaped...that means there is still some yummy mango on the other sides of the pit.  Just slice them off getting as close to the pit as you can and cut the peel away. 

Check out all the yummy diced Mango!  So easy!

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