September 24, 2011

Egg in a Hole Recipe

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What a name..right?  Really makes you want to dig in.  I was first introduced to this recipe by the one and only Pioneer Woman.  It was such a simple and perfect recipe.  Get your Egg and Toast in one simple and tasty application.  I tried it for giggles and have been in love ever since. 

You will need Bread, Eggs, Salt & Pepper, and Butter.

Don't forget something to cut the hole.  I like to use different shapes and make them a little extra fun.

Punch a hole out of the center of the bread.  Don't throw that hole out!!  That's my favorite part.
Butter both sides of the toast & the holes.

Place the Buttered Bread and the holes into a good warm non-stick pan over no higher than medium heat.  I usually go a bit lower than medium.

Crack and Egg into the holes and season with Salt and Pepper.  Leave the yolk in tact if you like runny eggs or break it up if you (like me) don't.  Let it cook until the egg starts to set.

Flip it over.  Ahh look how nice and toasty the bread has gotten.  The egg white isn't too runny so it remained in tact.  If you try to flip too early the egg just becomes a crazy mess.

Oh brother!  Look at this hole!  Absolutely the best part in my opinion!

Egg in a Hole Recipe
Source:  Pioneer Woman Cooks

Slice of Bread (I used Granny's Delight High Fiber Bread)
1 tsp Butter
Cookie or Biscuit cutter

Using the Cookie cutter punch a hole in the middle of the bread.  Butter both sides of the Bread and the Hole.  Warm a non-stick pan over medium low-medium heat.  Place the Bread and the hole in the pan.  Crack your Egg into the empty hole in the bread and season with Salt & Pepper.  Allow to cook until the white starts to set up.  If the white is too runny it will not work out.  Allow other side to cook for a minute or two until egg is fully cooked and bread is toasted.


Approximate Nutritional info per Egg in a Hole

195 Calories
16 Carbs
11 Fat
9 Protein Pin It

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