October 25, 2011

Pepperoni Pizza Roll Up's Recipe

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I know I've been cooking a lot with Pillsbury type dough recently.  I just keep finding all these recipes that are super easy and ready in minutes that I have to try.  I found this gem and knew I had to keep trying them or I would die a sad sad death.  My whole family loved these little pizzas!  A great way to use Crescent dough if I do say so myself.  We had these as our entree and we all left the table happy.

You'll need Marinara Sauce, Turkey Pepperoni, String Cheese, and Crescent dough.

Make sure you get the Trivia string Cheese.  It will make your life way better.  I bet you want to know the answer..don't you.

Cut the string cheese in half.  Ok, ok the answer to the above question was Lightning.
I used the 50% larger crescent rolls so I could make cute little pouches.

I am in love with this Turkey Pepperoni and you should be too.

Spread the Crescent dough out on a parchment lined baking sheet and separate into triangles.  Top each triangle with Pepperoni 5 pieces or so.

Place a string cheese half on top of the pepperoni.
Roll these babies up and seal the edges to avoid spillage.  Cook according to package instruction.

Place some Marinara sauce in a microwave safe dish.

Place a paper towel over the dish.  Trust me.

See..aren't you glad all this goo isn't all over your microwave?

Oh boy..the roll ups are ready.  Golden brown and amazing.  If you look at the middle row you can see a bit of gooey cheese trying to escape.  Oh yum!
Place the Marinara Sauce in a cute dish for dipping.

Oh yea!  Now lets check these babies out.

Look at all the melted Cheese and Pepperoni Goodness.

Dip & Enjoy!

Pepperoni Roll Up's Recipe
Source:  Dinner with the Donnells

Hormel Turkey Pepperoni
String Cheese
50% bigger Crescent Roll Dough
Marinara Sauce

Unroll the Crescent dough on a parchment lined baking sheet and separate the dough into triangles.  Place 5 slices of Turkey Pepperoni on each triangle and cover with half a String Cheese.  Roll the dough up into little bundles.  Bake according to Crescent package.  Warm up some Marinara Sauce and when the roll up's are done dip & enjoy!

Approximate info Per Roll up

211 Calories
20 Carbs
11 Fat
9 Protein Pin It


  1. Excellent! and highly versatile.

  2. Thanks Jen! The kids loved it and it was so quick and easy. I think I'll try making it into a supreme next time.