December 29, 2012

Ham Roll Appetizer Recipe

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Have I mentioned that I am less than 3 weeks away from having my third child!  This is so crazy to me.  I am so not it possible to request more time?  Although, with how uncomfortable I am maybe I am ready after all.  Such a shame that things get so crowded at the end of pregnancy.  I was remembering back to when I had my first child recently.  One of the funnier memories involves a delicious appetizer and my baby shower.

My Mom and sister threw me a very sweet baby shower and you should have seen the spread of food they prepared.  It was fantastic in every way.  There was so much amazing and delectable treats that it was hard to choose what to snack on.  They made on of my favorites..Ham Rolls!  They are always so yummy and a bonus they are pretty low calorie.  I must have gobbled down a dozen ham rolls, at least.  After the party was over I peeked in the fridge and found that the ham that I had bee consuming all afternoon had expired!!!  Not just by a day or two either.  It was horrible!  Luckily nobody got sick and my sister decided to always check the expiration date when shopping at the Walmart.  You should give these babies a try when you have a party to go to.  Perfect any time of year and in any setting. 

You will need Cream Cheese (the whipped kind spreads more easily), Ham, and Green Onions.
Grab a slice of Ham.

Spread the Cream Cheese almost to the edges of the Ham.
Slice the Green Onion up. 
Evenly sprinkle a little Green Onion over the meat.

Roll the ham up.
Slice into little rolls and Enjoy!

Ham Roll Appetizer Recipe

Cream Cheese
Green Onion

Evenly spread a TBSP or so of the Cream Cheese over the top of the Ham slice.  Chop the Green Onion up into little slices and sprinkle over the top of the Cream Cheese.  Roll the ham up and slice into mini rolls. 

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  1. I do the same thing only I use a dill pickle spear sliced in half (length) and they are delicious!!!