June 12, 2013

Check me out on Inspiration Cafe!

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My sister and several awesome ladies all blog together over at Inspiration Cafe.  This is a seriously fun blog where you can get ideas and inspiration from cooking and sewing to arts and crafts.  I'm extra excited to be their guest blogger for the day!  Check it out here

And...just to get back at my rascally big sister... enjoy!

Marching Band.

I am the princess to the left of the King...my sister...THE WIZARD!
Thanks to the ladies at Inspiration Cafe for letting me hijack your blog today!  Pin It


  1. Hahaha!!! Love it! Thanks for being our guest at the Cafe today xxx

  2. LOL fantastic!!!! I might make that my screen saver, thanks for being our guest and being awesome about the pic, I would have killed my sister :)

  3. Awesome!! Heather has been amazing and threatening us with her wizardliness!!