April 14, 2011

Banana Stacks Recipe

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My older daughter loves to help me cook and I love how cute she is when she is helping.  I usually let her help me wash the produce or dump things into the bowl.  So I love to find a dish that doesn't really involve chopping or heat to make.  These Banana Stacks are the perfect recipe to make with your little ones.  I got the recipe in an e-mail I received from Parents magazine.  Sadly I don't have the link to refer you to.  We have been enjoying these little stacks for breakfast and snack the last few days.
Ingredients:  Banana, Strawberry Cream Cheese (I used the less fat version), and Quakes Rice snacks.

Slice your Banana into large-ish chunks and pick out your desired number of rice cakes.
Spread Strawberry Cream cheese on each rice cake, top with banana, then ad another dollop of cream cheese and top with whatever you want.  The original recipe topped with fresh blueberries (I had none) here I've used raisins.

Enjoy!  Here is my helper eating some snacks.  Yum!

Approximate nutritional info for one stack:

Calories 67
Carbs 8.5
Fat less than 1
Protein 1

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