April 22, 2011

Ham & Cheese Roll Recipe

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I'm sure you are probably thinking that I am joking with this recipe.  But I kid not.  Especially not when it comes to cheese and yellow mustard rolled up in hammy goodness.  I am a lover of plain old yellow mustard.  I hate when I order a sandwich thinking it has the regular mustard and it comes out with Dijon.  It basically ruins my whole day.  I love eating these Ham & cheese rolls for a snack or for lunch.  They are quick, easy, and low carb.

To make this delight you will need Yellow Mustard, Ham Slices, and Cheese slices.
I've never been very good at slicing cheese with a knife so I use this handy tool to slice my cheese and I love it.  Here is a similar product.

Apply a bit of mustard to your Ham slice.  Use as much or as little as you like.  I personally like plenty of it!  Top the mustard with 2 slices of cheese.  Here I chose a nice Medium Cheddar but any variety of cheese should work nicely.

Roll up and Enjoy!
Approximate Nutritional info per Ham & Cheese Roll

Calories 233
Carbs 3
Fat 16
Protein 21

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