November 13, 2011

Green-Goblin Punch Recipe

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My baby celebrated her first Birthday last month and I had a difficult time deciding on a party theme.  Where her Birthday was in October I just couldn't get Halloween out of my mind.  However I wanted it to be a little flowery and girly at the same time.  Let's just say this party was a bit non-committal as far as coming up with a party theme.  Luckily she was just turning one and really won't remember how goofy her party was.  It was a fun party and the next few posts will include the fun foods I served.  My camera decided to die a sad sad death so the pictures in my next posts will all be from my cell phone.  Please forgive me if they are absolutely terrible.

This punch recipe turned out really fun.  I thought it was fantastic..but most of my guests didn't like it much.  It calls for Club Soda and if I made it again I'll use 7-up or Sprite to jazz it up a little.  One of my party guests didn't like the texture but that's part of what I loved about it.  Give it a try..I really enjoyed it.

You will need Green Jello, Club Soda, and Apple Juice.

Prepare the jello in advance according to package instructions.
pour the Juice

And Club Soda

Into a Large Bowl.

And Refrigerate while you are waiting for the Jello.

Grab your handy dandy Punch Bowl/Cake stand and set it up as a Punch Bowl.

Grab the Prepared Jello and grab it by the spoonful.

Add the Jello scoops to the Punch Bowl along with the Juice/Club soda mixture.

Green-Goblin Punch Recipe
Source:  Parents

3 C Apple Juice
3 C Club Soda or 7-up
1 small Package prepared Green Jello 
Prepare the Jello according to package instructions.  
Combine the Apple Juice and Club Soda and let chill in the refrigerator while the Jello solidifies. 
When the Jello is done take spoonfulls and place in a Punch Bowl.  Add in the Juice/Club Soda mixture and mix together.
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