November 16, 2011

Marshmallow Flower Cupcakes Recipe

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I wanted to make some really fun and girly cupcakes for my daughters first Birthday.  No big deal that most of the theme for the party was Halloween.  I found this super fun flower cupcake topper idea.  It was so easy, came together quickly, and turned out absolutely perfectly! My baby devoured the whole thing in no time flat.  She was so cute eating the cupcake and I was happy that I had made something so cute for her special day.

You will need frosted cupcakes, Mini Marshmallows, Kitchen scissors, Colored Sugar sprinkles, and Something to use as the center of the flower.  The Mint Chocolate chips tasted good and looked super cute but Mini M&M's would work well too.
Put the Colored Sugar Sprinkles in separate spots.  This plate worked great..too bad it didn't have enough spots for all my colors.

Cut the Marshmallows on the diagonal with the kitchen scissors. 

You can drop them right in the colored Sugar sprinkles. 
The cut side is good and sticky so the Sugar Sprinkles stick to them really well.  I would press down on them a bit to make sure they got good and covered with the sugar.

Place the Mint Chocolate chip (or whatever you are using) down in the middle of the cake.  Surround it with the cute little petals you made.

These are so much fun!  I also made a rainbow flower that isn't pictured and my niece was so excited about that one.


Marshmallow Flower Cupcakes Recipe
Source:  Kitchen Daily - Karen Tack & Alan Richardson & Hello, Cupcake! 

Frosted Cupcakes
Mini Marshmallows
Mint Chocolate Chips
Colored Sugar Sprinkles

Cut the Marshmallows on the diagonal and drop into the sugar crystals.  Press the cut/sticky side down into the sugar crystals to ensure it gets fully covered.  Place a Mint Chocolate Chip in the middle of the frosted cupcake.  Surround it by the Mallow petal halves.

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