January 8, 2012

Philadelphia Cooking Cream Santa Fe Blend Chicken & Pasta

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I am quickly becoming a huge fan of Philadelphia Cooking Cream.  They are so perfect for nights when I need to make dinner in a hurry. This time I tried the Santa Fe Flavor of the Cooking Cream and I think it is my favorite!  It had a really nice mellow southwest flavor that I really enjoyed.  Both of my kids really liked this too.  I pretty much made this dinner the easiest way possible so it whipped up in no time and it was perfect on a day when time was getting away from me.

I used a Rotisserie Chicken, Cheese, Santa Fe Philadelphia Cooking Cream, Half an Onion, Half a Red Pepper (it was frozen), and Noodles.

I warmed up a pan over medium heat and tossed in a bit of Canola Oil.  Then I added the Diced Onion and Red Pepper to the pan and cooked until softened.

Meanwhile I boiled some water and added the pasta.  These colorful cheese filled ones are my older daughters personal favorites.

To the Onions and Peppers I added some of the Chicken that I shredded up.

Then I added about four Big Spoonfuls of the Cooking Cream.
I got a little Pasta water from the cooking pasta.

I added enough to make the sauce a bit liquidy..maybe a 1/4 cup.

Mix everything together and let it cook together a bit.

When the pasta is done cover it in Sauce and top it with Shredded Cheese.  Enjoy!

Philadelphia Cooking Cream Santa Fe Blend Chicken & Pasta

1 Cup Shredded Chicken
1/2 Onion, Diced
1/2 Red Pepper, Diced
4 TBSP Philadelphia Cooking Cream Santa Fe Blend
1 Package Pasta
Pasta Water 

Warm a pan over medium heat and add a bit of Canola Oil.  When the pan is warm add in the diced Onion and diced Pepper and cook for a couple of minutes until they soften.  Then add the Chicken and Cooking Cream.  Mix everything together really well. 

Meanwhile prepare the pasta as directed on the package.  Using a measuring cup and remove a bit of the water to thin the sauce out a bit.  Add the pasta water until the sauce reaches your desired thickness.  Or skip if you like the sauce extra thick.

Top the cooked Pasta with the sauce and add a bit of shredded Cheese for flair. 

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  1. Wow that looks yummy! I need to be better at cooking dinner and planning a menu. I definitely want to try a number of recipes on here.

  2. This is now my super easy go to meal on nights when I don't have any time. My oldest is doing dance class and it gets us home about 20 minutes after dinner should have started. I usually make this those nights.