March 29, 2012

Despicable Me Minion Cupcakes Tutorial

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My oldest daughter recently celebrated her Fourth Birthday!  I cannot believe my baby has gotten so big.  It breaks my heart just a little bit that time is flying by so quickly.  I like making cupcakes for Birthday parties.  I like decorating them but I don't usually have the patience to do anything too elaborate.  I saw this picture on Pinterest and knew I had found a winner.  My daughter has loved "Despicable Me" since she first saw it.  She especially loves the Minions.  These were a huge party hit!  All the kids thought they were cool and couldn't wait to eat a Minion.

You will need Twinkies, Smarties, Brown sprinkles (or Jimmies I found mine at Michaels), Black Writing Icing, and Frosted Cupcakes.

Cut the Twinkies in half and place one half on top of each Cupcake with the cut side down.

Put 2 or 3 of the Sprinkles right into the top of the Twinkie as the Minion's hair.
Using the Black Writing Icing But two dots where the eyes should be.  Then put a Smarties over each one.  You don't need too much icing to get them to stick but you want to have enough to get them to stick.  Then put two dots on the Smarties to finish the eyes.  Then draw on a mouth and the straps for the goggles.

Don't they look like happy little Minions?

The party guests loved them!


Minion Cupcakes Tutorial
Source: Party Tip Junkie

Frosted Cupcakes
Brown Sprinkles
Black Writing Icing

Cut the Twinkies in half and place them one half on top of each frosted cupcake cut side down.  Pick through the Smarties for same colors.  I used the Whites, Yellows, and Greens.  Put two dots of writing icing on each Twinkies half where you want to put the Smarties.  Then place on the Smarties and put a dot on each to finish the eyes.  Draw on a mouth and straps for the Goggles.  Grab two or three of the brown Sprinkles and place them in the straight into the top of the head for the hair.

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