April 1, 2012

Happy April Fools' Day!

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Isn't April Fools' Day a fun holiday?  In the past I would always play a prank on my husband.  Often times it would involve me being pregnant which always made me laugh like crazy. 

One year I played the trick of all tricks.  My husband loves fish and has always dreamed of having a gorgeous Salt Water tank of his very own.  A few years ago he had a very small 8 gallon Salt Water tank with 2 fish, a star fish, a shrimp, several crabs, and some snails.  One day a random creature appeared in the tank.  It looked a lot like a worm.  Really squishy and gooey looking.  He wasn't sure what it was.  He told me that where you are using live sand and live rock to make a Salt Water tank anything could be growing in the tank.  He didn't have time to take it to the fish store to be inspected so he sent me with the creature in a baggie.  I got to the fish store and they told me that it was a good creature.  A Sea Squirt.  These critters help clean the tank and keep things good and healthy.  Being a real prankster..I called my husband and told him that it was a terrible creature and that we would have to quarantine all the critters of the tank and start the tank over from scratch.  You see, starting a Salt Water tank is a super involved process.  You have to get the special live sand and the live rock.  You have to get the water to the proper salinity, then let the rocks and sand live together in the water for about 30 days before you can introduce any sea life.  My husband was so upset and shocked.  Then I yelled "April Fools!"  He was so shocked that I had gotten him so good.  I will always love that perfect joke!  Sadly, shortly after I brought the Sea Squirt home the shrimp started to eat him.  We were very sad when Steve got eaten by the shrimp.

Today for April Fools' Day I wanted to play a prank on my 4 year old.  I didn't want to do anything that would upset her.  I made up a batch of Jello and poured it into drinking cups.  When she woke up I told her that I had made some very yummy juice.  I also told her to be very careful not to spill as I had filled the cup pretty full.  She sat down at the table and very carefully brought the cup to her lips and tipped it back to enjoy a sip of the sweet beverage.  After a couple of tries she realized it was Jello!  It was so funny and we had so much fun playing the prank. 

Go out and play some extra fun jokes today.  I'm sure you will enjoy it. Pin It

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