May 8, 2012

Giveaway #3

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My oldest daughter is a huge fan of the PBS cartoon "Super Why."  She loves it so much that we even have a learning game for her on my phone so she can play with the characters from the show while she learns.  At the end of each episode they always sing a little song..and as I went to post the third Blog-A-Pal-Loosa Giveaway today I started singing it in my head.  "Hip Hip Hooray-a-a...the Giveaway Rocks Today-a-a.  Hip Hip Hooray-a-a...the Giveaway Rocks Today!"

Today Barb from Second Chance to Dream  is giving away a $20.00 Amazon Gift Certificate!!!  Who doesn't love free cash money?  Head on over for a chance to win

Good Luck!

If you haven't already make sure you enter yesterday's adorable apron, hat, and recipe card Giveaway.  And Sunday's Shoe & Bag Giveaway. 

P.S. While you are here, don't forget to check out some Yummy 7-Up Biscuits.  Or this delicious and simple Egg Salad sandwich with a boiled Egg tutorial.

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